5 Most Stylish Horrors

1 You have your slasher horrors, you have the horrors that make you jump and then you have the sleek sophisticated horrors. To celebrate the release of the first critically acclaimed series of the TV show Hannibal we’re taking a look at some of the most stylish horror films.

Below we run down so high class stylish horrors that Hanibal himself would love to watch over a nice chopped veal liver and foie gras with a side order of human organs and a nice glass of red.

5 Most Stylish Horrors

1. The Conjuring

One of the big horror hits of this summer, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Directed by James Wan, this film oozes authenticity capturing the 70s while enticing you in with a gripping story and regular frights.

2. Let the right one in

The Swedish version of this horror flick garnered many positive reviews with its atmospheric gothic tone about a young boy and his vampire friend.

3. The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe throws off the Hogwarts image as he stars in this chilling adaptation of the Susan Hill novel and popular West End play, The Woman in Black. Radcliffe plays a lawyer who is sent to tidy the affairs at the house of a recently deceased woman. Nevertheless, not all goes to plan as children in the village start mysteriously dying.

4. The Others

This award winning haunted house flick stars Nicole Kidman as the mother of two photosensitive children. She becomes convinced that spirits are sharing their family home in this stylish period ghost story set in New Jersey.

5. Stoker

Written by Prison break star, Wentworth Miller, Stoker exudes gothic charm and style. Nicole Kidman again stars in this psychological thriller that will not only linger in your mind long after you watch it but is also a delight for the eyes.


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