Exclusive Texas Chainsaw Cast Interviews

imagesTexas Chainsaw is the latest movie in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series that takes things all the way back to the beginning, carrying on the story straight after Tobe Hooper’s 1974 films finished. Here are the cast talking about the movie, the gore and a whole lot more.

Exclusive Texas Chainsaw Cast Interviews

Alexandra Daddario – Heather Sawyer

So the film is a direct sequel?

It’s a direct sequel from the original 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW so it takes that story and continues it, whilst ignoring the other sequels, which I like. I think it gives it a fresh slate.

Is your character ‘strong’?

I think the character is stronger than some of the other female characters in horror films. In a way she finds herself and finds strength. She has these incredible stunts and I really like that because you get to play the frightened screaming character running away, and you also get to find that strength within yourself.

Can you tell us more about her?


Heather is the protagonist of the film and she is a normal girl who doesn’t really feel like she fits in. She discovers that she doesn’t actually come from where she thought she did and there’s a whole other life and family she’s a part of. She goes on a road trip with her friends and ends up going through a journey, a literal but also a spiritual and emotional journey, to find out who she is, where she comes from, and what that means.

What makes Leatherface scary

I think one of the things that makes Leatherface so terrifying is that he is humanised, he is a real person but just incredibly scary. There is a close-up scene in the original film where he is in his human mask and you see him licking his lips and teeth – that is such a terrifying shot because you see that he is an actual person and you see up close how scary, weird and off the character is . But he’s still a human being, shrouded in darkness, chasing you. I think that’s very interesting and very scary.

What will the 3D aspect add to the film?

This film is such an exciting ride, it’s an adventure, it’s scary, it’s action, and the 3D that we’re using really enhances that.


Dan Yaeger- Leatherface

Why did you want to be a part of the film.

I have been fan of this movie as long as I can remember. My parents bought a VCR in 1980 and I believe I bought two VHS tapes to play on it – one was ERASER HEAD and the other was TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE.

How has Leatherface evolved from the other films.

As the story progressed into our movie, all that changed was that the abusers were no longer there and there was also no one to tell him what to do. He had to grow from originally being an instrument of violence, to being a character who is given the chance to seek vengeance for the family, and that was the last thing anybody told him to do.

And for the film the original Sawyer house was rebuilt?

Probably the greatest homage in the movie is the fact that we rebuilt the original Sawyer house to extraordinary meticulous detail. I hope people who watch this film and are fans of the original appreciate the amount of time and effort and attention to detail that the filmmakers went to.

What have fans of the original got to look forward to?

It will frighten them, it will shock them, it will entertain them. I hope there are still a couple of laughs left in this movie and I think people will appreciate the fact that it is a movie for the fans of the original, made by fans of the original.


Tremeine Neverson “Trey Songz”- Ryan

Tell us about the plot of the film.

The main character receives an inheritance letter after her grandmother dies (who she knew nothing about) and we go on a road trip (that has now changed from New Orleans to a trip to Texas) to find out what this is really about. We then find out it’s a mansion so what was supposed to be a quick stop – in and out – ends up with them staying the night thinking it’s going to be cool…and some people die.

How do you rate Dan Yeager as Leatherface?

Dan Yeager plays Leatherface and he’s huge and he’s scary, even without the mask! I think they got the right guy for the job.

Does 3D really enhance a film like this?

The 3D actually added a layer of depth, and I don’t just mean the dimensions, I mean the story and the dialogue. You ease off on the scenes that don’t really call for it, but even with scenes that contain dialogue and no action, there are shots where the B camera may be doing something separate from the A camera, catching two different dimensions within this 3 dimensional world. When Leatherface is coming at you with a chainsaw, it just adds to the atmosphere when he is actually swiping through the screen and you feel like he is coming right at you.

Will fans of the original feel that this film does it justice?

From the storyline, to the added dimension of 3D, to the cast, the acting, the direction, and the beauty of the shots within this gruesome world will definitely be something that they will be happy with!

Tania Reymonde- Nikkiimgres-1

How does your character end up involved in this story?

When Heather finds out that she has to go to Texas to collect her inheritance, her friends decide to come with her – her boyfriend Ryan, her friend Nikki, and Nikki’s boyfriend Kenny who she met a few days before and is sort of off kilter but they decide to take his van.

Can you tell us more about your character?

I play Nikki who is Heather’s rambunctious, promiscuous, full-of-life party girlfriend, whereas heather is a little more modest and introverted. I’m the one who always wants to bring the life out of Heather and make her want to have a good time.

Bill Moseley – Drayton Sawyer

Were you a fan of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

I remember I had this humdrum job in Boston and one time I was driving into the suburbs and seeing a sign on a closed drive-in theatre TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. I thought, “Oh my god, what are they foisting on the American public?!” I was interested as it was such a provocative title so I had to check it out and it totally blew my mind. I went to Yale, I’m a smart guy and I’ve seen a lot of horror movies, but what was so good about this film is it was so different – the soundtrack, the cinematography, the images, the acting, the costumes, everything about it was just mind blowing and it really disturbed me.

How did you rate the original cast?

I know Marilyn Burns, John Dugan and Gunnar Hansen from the horror conventions, I’m a fan of theirs, and so this part is very exciting. I think it is a really great idea to start the movie as the last one ends. It is just wonderful.


Gunnar Hansen – Boss Sawyer

How do you feel about this being a direct sequel?

In the first 10-15 minutes it follows what happens to everybody at the Leatherface house and what sets up this new sequel. So this movie, unlike any of the others, is a true sequel to the original movie.

What makes the film great?

I think what’s great about this new one is that it really is a true sequel to the original movie and it captures the feel of the original movie in a lot of ways. There is one moment, and I’m not gonna tell you what it is, but when I was reading the script and you know when you read a script you think especially about a character like Leatherface that I’m so invested in, I was going, “No no no, come on you can’t do that!” But then I thought, “Why didn’t we think of that?!” as it’s a brilliant thing to do to expand the character of Leatherface – you get a better sense of him.

Are there other original cast members involved?

John Dugan and Marilyn Burns are in it, so the original Grandpa plays Grandpa again, and Marilyn plays Verna Carlson so we had something of a reunion during filming. Marilyn said she had a great time and also Bill Moseley who played ‘Chop Top’ in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 did a great job.

Tell us about the original “Leatherface” mask

Leatherface wears a mask and he has 3 different faces but even though the masks were wired so that I could breathe fine, there was no air circulating under the masks so I was soaking wet under there. And because they had natural sized eye holes set out away from my face, I had no peripheral vision, so if I looked at someone directly in front of me I could see maybe to their shoulders and that’s it, I couldn’t see anything else. It caused real problems on the set because in the scene where Leatherface catches Pam and puts her on the hook, in the first take when I ran down the hallway with her, I didn’t clear the door way where the sliding door is because they had a ramp there. I had 3-inch heels on my boots so I was 6’7”, plus the doorway was effectively about 4 inches shorter with the floor going up but I couldn’t tell so I ran full speed through there and I got knocked out.


Scott East Wood – Carl

What makes the film different

I think it’s going back towards the original – it’s less about blood and gore and more about the story and the suspense plus more of the interesting factors that made this true story a phenomenon.

Why bring the back the original cast?

I think it’s great that they brought back a lot of the characters from the original – what better way to reboot an American cult classic than to bring back some of the original cast and reboot it?

Shaun Sipos – Darryl

Tell is about the Leatherface mask

The original was made in in 1974 and there have been huge leaps and bounds made in special effects, so Leatherface’s leather skin actually looks like dried human skin that’s been sown into his own flesh so there’s dried blood and bruising. It’s gnarly enough to make to make audiences cringe!

What does the audience have to look forward to?

I think that with this film, there’s a lot of fans of the original and the kids that haven’t seen TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE can just come in, watch it and be frightened by the same aspect of the of the brutality and lack of humanity to this character Leatherface.


Keram Maliki Sanchez – Kenny

On the film being 3D

I think it’s really exciting that they looked at footage from the original that is 37 years old and put in today’s 3D technology which has only been around for 5 years. Most people still think of 3D as the red and blue glasses but maybe a little improved, however this isn’t the kind of 3D that we’ve never seen before and they’ve shot this film in very very high resolution. I won’t get too technical about it but it looks pretty amazing.

On the original cast

It gives it credibility that we had some of the actors from the original film come on board – they’ve never done that before so that s an amazing endorsement to this project.

On the story

The film is set up with the original ending and then we wake up with this girl Heather, who discovers that she has an inheritance and a family she didn’t know existed. All of a sudden she is on a journey with her friends to find out about this house, which is a true tribute to the original film. So these four kids take off in a van and meet some interesting people along the way. When they get to the house, all sorts of unruly things happen and crawl up from her past and all of a sudden she discovers that someone is very interested in her past, her legacy and her family and we move in to a whole second chapter as a new extension to the story. Then as she starts to know Leatherface and discovers who he is, all sorts of new mysteries are unravelled.

On his character

I play a character called Kenny who is an aspiring chef. He was friends with Ryan (Heather’s boyfriend) going way back to when they were kids. Kenny left for a while but came back and met this new group of kids. He has a van and loves driving around the country and learning about food everywhere, so he takes them on this adventure.

Texas Chainsaw is out now on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and download to own and rent on 27th May.



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