Top 5 Moments from The Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Evil Dead (in cinemas across the UK from April 18th) tells the fateful story of five friends who head to a remote cabin for Spring Break where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon deadly demons.

The fourth in the Evil Dead Series, the film is a direct remake of Sam Raimi’s original The Evil Dead 1981). Following in his own footsteps, Raimi revises the story, bringing in fresh writing and directing talent, modernising the film for today’s audiences.

So to celebrate the release of the Sam Raimi-produced remake, Evil Dead, we have put together a list of our Top 5 Moments from the original film.

You might want to hide behind your sofa for this – Just a suggestion!

Our Top 5 Moments from The Evil Dead (1981)

1. The Tree Rape

When Cheryl is lured out of the safety of the cabin Evil Dead by the sounds of demonic voices, she is brutally raped by trees in the surrounding forest that have been possessed by the newly summoned demons.
Sound crazy?
Which is probably why none of her friends believe her. Upon the film’s release, this scene was the most controversial and most talked about of them all. We can see why!

2. Demon Possessed

Evil Dead
Soon after Cheryl’s attack, she too becomes possessed by a demon, leading to her viciously stabbing friend, Linda, in the ankle with a pencil. We didn’t know they could be so deadly?! She is confined in the cellar after this but we don’t have to tell you that it’s not long before she gets free and starts to raise hell again. Just looking at her gives us the creeps!

3. Blood and Milk

Evil Dead

“We’re gonna get you, we’re gonna get you…” Imagine those words being sung to you by your demon-possessed girlfriend in her childlike, albeit homicidal voice.
Somehow we don’t blame Ash for not wanting to get anywhere near this bundle of menacing crazy. And her eventual demise is even more disturbing when she spits up blood and milk when he finally manages to overpower her.


Evil Dead

4. Grave

Except it’s just not that easy to kill a demon, go figure!
After not being able to bring himself to dismember Linda, Ash makes the fateful mistake of burying her instead. We can’t seem to get the image of her rising from her grave for one last round with Ash. We don’t blame him for wanting to finish the job after seeing that!


5. The Evil Book On Fire

Evil Dead

In this final scene of this gore-filled film, Ash finally manages to burn the Book of Evil back to hell (or wherever it came from, we’re guessing it can’t be a place filled with rainbows and sunshine!) As the demons begin to rot away, all appears to be safe once again.

Yeah, like we said, it seems that way!

Evil Dead hits cinemas across the UK on April 18th. Watch out for our full review Soon!


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