Interview with Luis Tosar for Sleep Tight

Luis Tosar Blowing audiences away at last year’s FrightFest, Spanish horror film Mientras Duermes, better known as Sleep Tight is finally awaking to scare audiences all over again when it’s released on the 1st March in cinemas and the (4th on DVD and Blu-Ray).

Featuring a star turn from Luis Tosar as the building supervisor who is a little too interested in one of his tenants, we were lucky enough to talk to the man himself about how he went about creating such a complex and creepy character.

Love Horror: How did you get into acting?

Luis Tosar: I started acting in high school when a literacy teacher made me read poetry in front of the class. Later, a friend who liked to make short films asked me to be in his work. It started off as a bit of fun but, little by little, got more serious as we got the hang of it and got more into it. I took part in physical theatre workshops and started auditioning for parts; the first film role I achieved through casting was in a film that was never released, however the second role I won was released and it went on from there.

Love Horror: How did you get involved with Sleep Tight?

Luis Tosar: I was sent the script and I really liked it. I loved the evil side of the character I play and the fact that he did not have any empathy and yet there was a great sense of humour about him. When I met up with the director we immediately clicked and I really felt that we were on the same wavelength for what we wanted the film to be, so I signed up straight away.

We both believed that my character was perfect on the script and I didn’t want to change him in any way, I worked on small nuances when it felt right on set but on the whole, the script and the remarkably well-written character was why I signed up for Sleep Tight.

Love Horror: César is a very complex character how did you go about creating him?

Luis Tosar: I had no reference for where to start in terms of Cesar, as I’d never experienced anyone like him before. He is such an unusual character because he just doesn’t want anyone to be happy, he feeds off misery and when he encounters someone who is profoundly positive, he goes out of his way to make sure that stops. So instead I pictured myself in that dark mindset, and how I’d feel, act and behave and what I’d do to people who I didn’t understand.

There’s a playful side to him, and I was incredibly interested in his sadistic game; I was determined to make the viewer feel like a victim and surprise them when they realise that he was not who they thought he was.

Luis Tosar

Love Horror: Do you see Cesar as a hero or a villain?

Luis Tosar: Both. But that was the appeal I felt to play him; he is a complete contradiction. Evoking empathy for Cesar was a challenge as it was essential to get the audience to empathise with his outlook, but the script was great in getting that feeling most of the way there and I just had to keep working towards conveying it in my performance.

Love Horror: What’s next for you?

Luis Tosar: My next film is called Operation E and it’s a political drama based on the arms conflict in Columbia.

Sleep Tight is out on the 1st March in cinemas and the 4th on DVD and Blu-Ray.
Check out our review right here and the trailer below:


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