Grimm Old School Slasher Double Bill

On Wednesday January 23rd, Grimm takes it back to the old school with an amazing slasher double bill of Texas Chanisaw Massacre and The Last House on the Left at the Dancehouse, Manchester 7.30pm start. £8.00 entry – TICKETS HERE


With both receiving recent remakes, if you haven’t seen these seminal slashers on the big screen, NOW is the time.

Texas Chainsaw Masacre (1974)

On a trip to visit their grandfather’s grave, a bunch of teenagers pick up a sinister hitch-hiker, who they quickly get scared of and kick out of the car. But not before he has tagged them. Soon they find themselves invited to dinner by the rest of his family…
Tobe Hooper’s grim and grimy grindhouse classic has spawned a multitude of sequels, prequels, spin-offs and remakes, and given rise to a whole sub-genre of backwoods hillbilly cannibal movies, but the 1974 original remains the bloodiest and best.

Banned for many years in the UK, and famously described by the late Chairman of the British Board of Film Censors, James Ferman, as “an exercise in the pornography of terror”, the film takes the prying, prurient camerawork and constant crash-zooms of the pornographer and uses them to record not sex, but fear. This generates a growing sense of claustrophobia and hysteria.

The end result is a film which seems far more graphic than it actually is, simply because its depiction of terror is so visceral. Mix in some black humour and social satire, and one of the screen’s most iconic monsters – the chainsaw-wielding, pig-like Leatherface, with his mask of human skin – and you have a genuinely gripping genre classic that really has lost none of its power to unsettle. TCM is presented in association with Secondsight films. Check out their website for more classic movies.

The Last House on the Left (1972)

A pair of teenage girls headed to a rock concert for a birthday celebration stop off in the seedier part of the city to score some marijuana. Here they run into a gang of psychotic convicts. A grimy, grindhouse reworking of Ingmar Bergman’s grim and nihilistic study of violence and retribution, THE VIRGIN SPRING, Wes Craven’s much-maligned, oft-banned, truly infamous horror classic was finally passed uncut in the UK in 2008; thirty-six years after it was made. Apparently, the BBFC objected to the “overall tone”. It is easy to see why this film might cause offense.

Originally conceived as a “roughie” porno, the film retains an ugly, squalid, mean-spirited atmosphere, a leering sense of cruelty that still strongly suggests its unwholesome origins.
Though there is actually surprisingly little explicit gore by modern standards, the effect is deeply uncomfortable, as if the viewer has somehow stumbled upon a heavily-edited snuff movie. The late David Hess, so memorably hateful as the convicts’ leader, Krug, also provides the film’s jarringly jaunty country folk-rock score, which only adds to the mood of unease. Bleak, brutal, and utterly remorseless, it remains a genuinely nasty, truly disturbing piece of cinema.

Both films are shown Wednesday January 23rd at the Dancehouse, Manchester 7.30pm start. £8.00 entry and you can get Tickets HERE and look out for more Grimm Double Bills coming soon!



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