Boobs and Blood: Creature Mashup

If you like boobs, blood, gore or all three of those things, we have a video that you’ll enjoy.

Taking clips from their forthcoming release Creature, Revolver creature movie dvdhave put together some of the bloodiest and boobiest bits from the film to give you a taster of what you can see on the DVD/Download (which is out August 13th).

Creature tells the tale of a small group of friends who find themselves lost and alone in the murky backwoods of Louisiana. Before long they’re being hunted by a monster of unspeakable horror and malevolence. It lurks beneath, in the depths of the swamp. There, it waits.
Legend tells of an abomination, a creature that is half man, half alligator which could be the monster in question. It’s creature that feeds off human flesh, butchering its victims whilst they still breathe.
As the group venture further into its fetid lair, they must pray that the legend isn’t true.

Shocking and unrelentingly brutal, this blood drenched joruney into hell also stars horror legend Sid Haig (The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses).

And if this clip doesn’t catch your interest, I don’t know what will.

Needless to say, this clip is extreme and contains lots of blood, nudity and other offensive things. Therefore, it should only be watched if you’re of legal age and of sound mind…

Creature is out on August 13th
You can keep up with it on Facebook here:
And you can buy it from


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