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For a state-of-the-art dining experience visit The Long Pig Restaurant. There are plenty of ‘flesh’ delights on the menu including the house speciality the Dicky roll, which is exceptionally meaty!
Apart from the fine cannibalistic cuisine, Evil Feed 2013The Long Pig prides itself on providing top-of-the-range entertainment for all their honoured guests; what’s a bit of gambling while fine dining? Or even placing a sneaky bet on WHO you’ll be eating tonight!

Evil Feed, directed by all-rounder Kimani Ray Smith (a stunt co-ordinator on the likes of X-Men: The Last Stand to name a few, as well as an actor and producer) is a deliciously twisted martial arts flick meets grindhouse meets action, horror and comedy.
Derived from the maniacal mind of ‘prosthetics master’ Ryan Nicholson, the gloriously gorrific tale centres on Steven (Terry Chen), a demented young man who brutally beheads his father after he attempts to sell the family business to an outside party.
Following his Dad’s death, Steven completely re-vamps his Chinese restaurant, The Long Pig to a great success. By his side is naughty nymphomaniac Yuki, played by Alyson Bath, his long-suffering girlfriend who isn’t truly appreciated by the evil entrepreneur and may need to wander elsewhere in order to satisfy her relentless taste buds! Yuki is one of the film’s standout characters.

Evil Feed 2013 Evil Feed 2013

Steven is also running an underground fight ring known as ‘The Pit of Gore’ where martial arts fighters are captured then forced to fight a range of gruesome gladiators. The losers are subsequently served up as this evening’s disgusting dinner.
Before long Steven messes with the wrong people as he abducts a respected MMA fighter who turns out to be Jenna (Laci J Mailey), the final girl type’s father. Jenna’s boyfriend Nash (Sebastian Gacki), a promising martial artist is also captured as well as her sister for more sinister shenanigans. It’s now up to Jenna and a team of misfits including Tyrone ‘Black Norris’ ( the fantastically watchable Alain Chanoine), Brian, (a complete foodie), played by Derek Gilroy and tough street fighter Carlos (Bishop Brigante) to bring Steven and his empire down and save their friends.
There is also a sub-plot where an ambiguous London-restaurateur visits The Long Pig in order to discover Steven’ secret recipe.

On one hand Evil Feed contains a slew of enjoyable moments with plenty of garish gore scenes on display. However due to its over-the-top nature and eagerness to be as sick and squirmworthy as possible it soon becomes tiresome and doesn’t bring out anything the seasoned horror fan hasn’t seen before.
Its black humour, tongue-in-cheek-ness and breaking of the fourth wall does work in its favour on the whole. Its clear Kimani Ray Smith has fun with the piece, demonstrating the types of movies he’s influenced by; Steven’s costume is reminiscent of the iconic character Alex (Malcolm McDowell) from A Clockwork Orange, and the pig masks, a reference to the restaurant’s name are eerily similar to those in the SAW franchise.

Evil Feed 2013

The mesh of genres does work to a degree as the film completely exploits grindhouse tropes and aesthetics although it is all a bit too predictable which it may have or may not have been the filmic intention. The lighting provides the film with an appealing look, with the deep shades of reds and blues conveying a certain stylishness about it. The only trouble was some sequences were so dark that it was difficult to make out what was going on at times.
The beginning is well-paced, with the main and sub-plots unravelling. But, soon Evil Feed runs out of steam and becomes too repetitive with too many elaborate fight and gory scenes. Perhaps 90 minutes was an extensive run-time for the type of film this is.

Evil Feed had its world premiere at the Toronto After Dark film festival in 2013, and gained a fair bit of positive acclaim. While it would more likely be a crowd-pleasing, festival movie it doesn’t necessarily suit a casual viewing.

Evil Feed is ready to eat you all up when its released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 25th.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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