Visions (2015) Review

6Visions offers up a great twist on the haunted house genre and for that reason alone I would suggest anyone who is interested in the movie to stop reading this review and go and watch the film straight away being that you will get so much more from it if you have no idea what to expect.

Having now sabotaged my own reason for writing I will carry on regardless not only for my own rapidly decreasing self-worth but for those who may need a little more convincing before giving Visions a go.

Following a set up seen many times before the story opens on a horrific chaotic car crash involving Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) who we see in hospital moments later distressed and distraught after the accident which caused a young child’s death.

Moving forward a year later Eveleigh who is now pregnant and her husband David (Anson Mount) have bought a vineyard in California which they are in the process of renovating in the hopes of living off the land and selling their own wine.


Although content in her life, hopeful for the future and busy making new friends such as fellow mum to be Sadie (Gillian Jacobs) who she meets at a local yoga class, Eveleigh starts to feel unsafe in her new home after having disturbing visions and hearing terrifying sounds.1

With these spooky apparitions added with increasing poltergeist attacks plaguing her more and more often she is driven to the brink of paranoia and mental breakdown with no one believing what she says she sees.

As strange pagan sacrificial offerings start to appear on her land and talk of the previous owners selling the house in a hurry reaches her Eveleigh is convinced that something supernatural is occurring and this is backed by Sadie who tells her it is her ‘Mummy Sense’ warning her something is wrong.

However her husband believes it is all in her mind and her doctor played by Big Bangs Jim Parsons, recommends she go on medication for the sake and safety of her unborn baby. As Eveleigh fights against forces beyond her control events begin to unfold which reveal the shocking truth of what is truly happening to her and her family.

Although containing story elements and tropes genre fans will have seen many times before and evoking several other haunted house horrors, as well as a pinch of Rosemary’s Baby, Visions carves its own path playing with the audience as well as entertaining them throughout.


Intelligently crafted and deftly directed by Saw VI and Saw 3D helmer Kevin Greutert and penned by the pairing of L.D. Goffigan and Lucas Sussman Visions has a gripping story keeping the viewer guessing all the way along till its final reveal which is more than worth the wait.

The cast is interestingly eclectic including comic actors Gillian Jacobs and Jim Parsons proving themselves in straight roles as well as solid supporting turns from Eva Longoria as Eveleigh’s old friend, Star Trek’s John de Lancie and Blade Runner’s Joanna Cassidy as a wine distributor and psychic who may or may not have Eveleigh’s best interests at heart.


In the lead Isla Fisher gives a great performance endearing herself to the audience as a woman on the edge and scared for her life and sanity unable to work out what is real while the world and the otherworldly are seemingly constantly set against her.

Clever and creepy in equal measures with a dread filled atmosphere and some terrifying tension and great jumps Visons is most definitely a sight for sore eyes in the supernatural genre.

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 



Alex Humphrey

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