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Space MonstersAt this year’s FrightFest I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a man who loved horror as much as we do at Love Horror and that man was journalist, writer, columnist, horror host, event’s organiser, presenter and all round old school horror obsessive Richard Gladman the driving force behind brand new classic Sci-Fi magazine Space Monsters.

Brighton based Richard is the founder of Classic Horror Campaign, Cyberschizoid blog and FrightenBrighton event. Richard has been published in Scream Horror Magazine, Mad Scientist, Shock Horror magazine and interviewed as a horror expert on BBC television as well as being featured in Rue Morgue magazine. And after all that he still manages to find time to make an amazing new sci-fi and horror magazine, he must be knackered!

Space Monsters Magazine is aimed at fans of classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies and television – with an emphasis on scary monsters, B-movies and sexy space babes and who could ask for anything more.

Space Monsters
Famous fan of Space Monsters Emily Booth at FrightFest

The first issue has a whole host of great content including in depth pieces on classic TV series Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Space 1999, monster mayhem with fantastic features on Godzilla vs. Megalon and Beware The Blob and retro reviews of The Green Slime and King Kong vs. Godzilla.

There is also a full rundown of the Top Ten Giant Bug Movies with a great write up on the king of all the insect horror’s 1954 Them! where atomic radiation breeds giant ants all set on complete annihilation of the human race. Added to all this is tons of pictures, exclusive art work and cartoons.

Richard says “I’ve always been fascinated by science-fiction movies, comics and television shows and was always drawn to the darker side of sci-fi even as a child… UFO’s, giant monsters and superheroes featured heavily in my trips to the local cinema where I often had to queue for hours to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind, At The Earth’s Core, King Kong and Superman whilst spending the rest of my pocket money on 2000AD and other sci-fi and horror comics. Space Monsters magazine is a tribute to all of those memories and more; a nostalgia-fest celebrating the monster movies of yesteryear; the scary and not-so-scary; the good, the bad and more often than not the ugly!”


Space Monsters is a brilliant blissful magazine dedicated to classic sci-fi, fantasy and monsters in movies and television from the black and white silent era through to the colourful early eighties. With 80 black and white A5 pages with full colour front and back covers packed with the very best movies and TV shows from a bygone era it’s a must for classic sci-fi and horror fans. Next month promises features on such classic Sci-Fi and horror films as Lifeforce, Queen of Blood, Planet of Vampires and The Astro Zombies plus lots, lots more!

Check out Space Monsters Facebook, and Website for more information as well as Richards other sites and

Space Monsters Magazine is available in both print and digital editions and you can buy it online Here or from Hemlock Books, The Cinema Store, Dead Good Newsstand (digital version) or the London Film Memorabilia Convention.

Space Monsters

Space Monsters

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