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To celebrate the release of the blood-soaked action fantasy VIKING SIEGE – on DVD 26th December – we have a copy up for grabs.

“Vikings meets The Evil Dead” (Loaded) in this rip-roaringly entertaining fantasy, with vengeful kick-ass female warriors battling corrupt monks and killer tree creatures!

Filled with foul-mouthed monks, brutish warriors on the rampage and a terrifying horde of growling, gruesome half-man half-tree mutants, VIKING SIEGE is no ordinary fantasy adventure film – but a slam bang homage to 1980s sword and sorcery films with a dash of Assault on Precinct 13 and Evil Dead thrown in, as the group are trapped in a monastery at the with merciless monsters prowling outside.

VIKING SIEGE will have you rooting for the warrior women as they find themselves, in a fantastic effects-packed finale, pitted against some of the nastiest, gnarliest foes this side of the White Walkers.

“A blood-soaked battle that’s out of this world!” Box Office Buz

Order today:

To be in with a chance of winning 1 copy of Viking Siege DVD just answer this question:
Viking Siege stars Rosanna Hoult who played the Star Spangled Singer in which comic book movie?

a) Batman
b) Blade
c) Captain America: The First Avenger
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