Baskin Horror DVD Bundle Competition


To celebrate the release of BASKIN in UK cinemas and on VOD 15th July, we have a horror DVD bundle, which includes SWEENEY PARIS, MAGGIE, A SECOND CHANCE and FACILITY up for grabs courtesy of Vertigo Films!

One of the most shocking and jaw-dropping horrors for years, telling the story of a squad of cops who stumble into a world of extreme and stomach-churning terror after going through a trapdoor to Hell. Featuring a new icon of fear – The Father – and some of the craziest, most visceral horror ever seen, Baskin is an absolute must-see for all horror fans.

One very lucky winner will receive a DVD bundle which includes 1 copy of SWEENEY PARIS, MAGGIE, A SECOND CHANCE and FACILITY DVD

Baskin DVD Bundle Competition

If you want a chance to win, just enter the competition below…
[RF_CONTEST contest=’2707′]


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