Camp Death III in 2D! (2018) Review

Proudly Presented in two-dimension, Camp Death III in 2D is the non-sequel, slasher parody from Canadian filmmaker, Matt Frame. The project which is an all-out spoof of Friday the 13th: Part III (3D) began development through a crowdfunding campaign back in 2014 and four years later, Frame delivers the gags and gore in abundance in this wacky homage to horror’s most commercial sub-genre.

The basic premise surrounds the re-opening of killer Summer Camp, Camp Crystal Meth following the escapades of notorious slasher, Johann Van Damme three years earlier. The latest bunch of interchangeable victims arrive from the local institution, bringing in plenty of bad taste and questionable stereotypes! There are nods galore to the sub-genre’s heyday including a caretaker named Cropsy, a killer being spurred on to murder by his “loving” mother and a gender-conflicted camper.

Camp Death III is exactly what it says it is, there is no pretence visible nor does it take the route of a subversive, cleverly plotted satire to the genre’s golden era. Camp Death is an unashamed outrageous parody which joshes with the tropes and clichés of its source material, then overblowing them to insane heights. Frame is evidently self-aware of the style of film he intended to make and runs with it, maintaining an unwavering sense of silliness from beginning to end.

Camp Death III acquires a certain brand of inane humour that won’t hold appeal for everyone. It’s far quirkier than the likes of Scary Movie (2000) but not as smart in terms of how it delivers its spoof. It’s not as crude as the aforementioned title, containing minimal toilet humour with more focus on overplaying conventional slasher movie scenarios. While it means no harm in its depiction of mental health issues, it does use this element to portray the stupidity of the generic horror movie victim. Unfortunately, it does not come across well and borders on the lazy and offensive rather than funny. While some may take this with a pinch of salt, this kind of portrayal of the disabled or individuals with social anxieties simply isn’t cool. Parodies shouldn’t have to rely on that kind of material to induce ‘jokes’ even if the goal is purely to create slapstick. The impression is, it’s not to be taken seriously however it will likely leave a bad taste in some viewers mouths.

Camp Death III is a loud & brash film featuring invasive close-up camera angles and fast paced dialogue. Some parts are irritating while other moments execute genuine laughs, the opening scene in particular is a highlight. It is extremely ‘in-your-face’ and sustains this consistent tone throughout. Camp Death III belongs in the ‘Midnight Movie’ category and would be best viewed in an audience or party context. It’s without a doubt an audience/festival film in the vein of a late night Troma viewing. While I wasn’t on board with some of the humour it’s not to say that other fans will feel the same way.

Content aside, Frame is an extremely competent filmmaker as seen in the editing and cinematography alone. The location is beautifully picturesque with Frame making the most of this with stunning tracking shots of the tranquil landscape which is then soon boldly interrupted by the outlandish caricatures and situations that play out. The parallel between the visual scenery and the exaggerated carnage creates an interesting juxtaposition. Frame’s editing is slick adhering to the fast-paced nature of the film, it is well put together, ensuring a polished final product from a technical standpoint.

Camp Death III in 2D is a movie in which its main goal is primarily to entertain and celebrate cliched slasher tropes in a ludicrous fashion. It doesn’t need to be overthought however it is sure to be an audience splitter with the gags and comedy appealing to some more than others. A schlocky slasher spoof that takes its influence from the genre greats of the 80’s with elements of crazy J-Horror visuals, Camp Death III in 2D doesn’t break new ground in the slasher stakes but is confident within the film it wants to be.

Camp Death III in 2D was touring the horror festival circuit. Visit the link below and catch it at an event near you!  The movie is also having it’s digital release on Amazon Prime & Vimeo on Demand on Friday, February 15th

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆ 



Hayley Roberts

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