Wolfcop (2014) Review

WolfCop-2Despite its flaws and there are many you can’t help but admire the makers of Wolfcop.

Written and directed by Lovell Dean, it tells the story of an alcoholic cop in the small town of Woodhaven who’s life is turned upside down after a mysterious night in the woods.

We’ve heard the tale before about the man bitten or attacked who becomes a wolf, but Wolfcop gives it a fresh spin mixing in some elements of the occult.

From the outset Sargeant Lou Gorou isn’t the most likable character; he drinks, he womanises and does this all while still on the payroll.


Woodhaven is your typical small American town harboring many secrets; right from the outset someone is killing cats and dogs in the area and the police have ran out of ideas about what is going on.DownloadedFile

To add to this Lou’s dad was mysteriously killed many years ago and after Lou becomes the big bad one, he starts to look into his death with fresh eyes and finds that everything that is happening could be connected.

Another subplot here is the race for Mayor with fresh hope Terry Wallace bursting onto the scene vowing to clean up the towns drug problems; safe to say he doesn’t last long in Woodhaven.

After local gun dealer Willie finds out about Lou’s new ‘condition’ the movie races off into B movie heaven becoming the mix of a buddy cop movie alongside some tongue in cheek action including Lou in full wolf mode been seduced by a lady. All to the sound of a cheesy rock song called ‘Moonlight Desires’.

At this point Wolfcop has lost any serious edge it had and gone into bonkers, gory comedy mode, with some horrific kills for gore fans and some serious laughs even if they weren’t intended.

Wolf-Cop-image-3 Wolf-Cop-image-4

After a satisfying finale with all loose ends tied up, as we fade to black Wolfcop 2 coming in 2015 flashes up onto the screen; and to be honest I think we will be revisiting Woodhaven this time next year on this basis.

Oh and did we mention the Wolfcop rap song on the credits? Enough said.

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Brainless gory B movie fun.



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