Alex Humphrey

Alex studied film at the University of Kent and went on to work for Universal Pictures in their Post Room gaining an inside look at the movie industry from the very bottom. Constantly writing reviews in everything from local magazines to Hip Hop sites Alex honed his critical skills even spending a brief period as a restaurant critic. Read more

Horror Film Reviews Psycho Slasher

Maniac (2012) Review

Tearing through the crowd like a chainsaw at its FrightFest screening way back in 2012, Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac remake is now available to stream for free on W4Free.com. And believe me, it’s one of the best films that they currently have available. Brutal and brilliant, this is a simply stunning slasher movie which elevates the […]Read More

Horror Film Reviews Vampires

Bakjwi [Thirst] (2009) Review

It’s official, I am bored of vampires. They’re everywhere! On TV, in films, in books, in magazines, on pencil cases, everywhere. With True Blood, Daybreakers, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Vampire Diaries, The Vampires Assistant, Vampire Weekend and the god awful Twilight series, vampires are everywhere you look – except in the mirror of course. The […]Read More