When you’re stuck outdoors in the frozen Antarctic, for months on end with no food or water, after surviving a horrific life and death encounter with a parasitic extraterrestrial life form that kills and assimilates other organisms (including all your friends) and then imitates them with disturbing and grotesque results, you have a lot of time to think... More


Pumpkinhead (1988) Review

When I was about nine years old, Pumpkinhead was one of THE horror films to watch.  I hadn’t read any reviews or talked to anyone who’d actually seen it, in fact I didn’t even know what it was about, but it definitely had the most terrifying box in the whole video shop.Read More

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Piranha (1978) Review

Executive produced by the tireless Roger Corman, Piranha ticks every box for a certain type of old school horror film. It’s derivative, full of surprises, titillating, much of the dialogue is completely nonsensical, and there’s blood everywhere… In short, I love this film.Read More