Countess of Darkness

Finding her joy in other people’s misery and fears, Countess of Darkness emerges from her crypt to join the team at LoveHorror. Finding her muse in all things dark and disturbing, she makes a great addition to the team. She arrived on our doorstep on the eve of a blood moon. She claims our obscurity called to her like a Banshee in the wind. She felt at home. We dare ask no questions for fear of her wrath and instantly offered her the job. When she’s not critiquing our most dark and disturbing films, she passes her time by summoning the Dark Lord of the Underworld for friendly chats, terrorizing the innocent man walking home from the bar and drinking the blood of her foes in her favourite silver chalice. When she is not writing for us, she likes to use her sharp wit and critique to review Heavy Metal bands. With fangs sharp as razors and claws of a raven, she has no problem tearing to shreds any feature she deems unworthy to be watched by her creepy brethren.