U.F.O. (2012) Review

From the man who brought you some other films, comes another film. Huzzah?

But wait, for this is a tale of things unknown, UFO U.F.O DVD cover 2012of life beyond the stars, of intergalactic ass-whooping, of Jean-Claude Van Damme… That’s right, JCVD is in the house! Yay?

But hold fast, for this is also a tale of friendship, and of family. For not only is the mighty Jean-Claude in attendance, but so is his daughter, confusingly named actress Bianca Bree. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we also have… Wait for it… Sean Brosnan – son of Pierce Brosnan! And Sean Pertwee – son of Worzel Gummidge! For realz?

Yes my friends, this is for realz. And while I may make merry about this cast list, sounding as it does like some strange galactic joke, these people are all bona fide acting types (especially Pertwee – how awesome is Dog Soldiers?) and they are here to strut their stuff in this ‘normals vs aliens’ sci fi action thriller.

The premise is suitably simple: friends hang out, aliens arrive, everything goes crazy crazy disco, lots of people die, Jean-Claude Van Damme is there, stuff explodes, badabing badaboom: movie!

UFO film 2012

So it’s like an alien equivalent of Shaun of the Dead, but without the laughs, which technically makes it Independence Day, only without the budget, or the awesomeness, (for the record, I LOVE Independence Day). Ok, so that makes it… Generic?
Not that there’s anything wrong with generic. I’m perfectly happy with generic. And the performances aren’t bad either. Simon Phillips and Maya Grant make for a very enjoyable on-screen couple, Brosnan gets his highly muscular bottom out (and acts at the same time), Pertwee can literally do no wrong (what a voice), and Jean-Claude Van Damme is in it!

UFO movie 2012 Jean Claude Van Damme U.F.O.
“Yeah, it’s me. JCVD.”

Some of the downsides include the fact that it felt like Bianca Bree was really pushing the limits of her acting ability for little reward – though it was fun to watch her kick her dad in the face.
Some of the characterisation was, frankly, weird, and the last ten minutes of the film were in turn funny, confusing, awesome, offensive, perfect and terrible.

U.F.O. It’s an odd one.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 




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