The Templar

The TemplarIn LoveHorror’s offices admits the corridors dripping with blood, the rooms full of flesh and film hungry horror heads and the torture chamber furniture bought straight from Ikea you will come across a large wooden door much older and more menacing than anything else found in the building. Through this door is another door even more foreboding than the first and through this door lies a wrought iron gate cast in the furnaces of hell itself.

Through this gate lies a stone slab with a handle and past this slab is another door which is a sort of mauve with a big brass knocker, through this door … well anyway past all those doors lies the inner sanctum of LoveHorror and it is there that you will find The Templar.

Guardian of our sacred site The Templar is the route of all horror knowledge and news and this wise world weary wicked warlock scans the web to bring you, our devoted fans, the most current content, trailers, updates and news stories straight to your computer hole. He also keeps the other of his two very evil eyes on celeb super injunctions, fad diets and videos of cats falling off tables.
Fear him, respect him but don’t forget to email him.

You can read examples of The Templar’s work here:
Reviews by The Templar

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