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During our work, reviewing and previewing horror interviewshorror films, we get to meet some amazing people to interview them.

Here is a selection of our interviews with people related to the horror industry. If you’d like us to interview you about something that you’re doing that’s related to horror, please get in touch here:
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Horror Interviews

Lin Shaye Interview for Grace: The Possession

In case you didn’t know, Grace: The Possession is out on DVD and HD download right now.Read More »

Jim Mickle – Cold In July Q&A

After tackling killer viruses in Mulberry Street, vampires in Stakeland and cannibals in We Are What We Are, Jim Mickle has swiftly carved himself a reputation as a filmmaker with a unique ability to play with genre. His latest film, Cold In July out NOW on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand, continues this, albeit away more »Read More »

Soska Sisters Interview Part 2 – “We’re directing sharks & if we stop directing we will die"

We discuss See No Evil 2 in depth along with working with American Mary star Katherine Isabelle again and scream queen supreme Danielle Harris.Read More »

Soska Sisters Interview Part 1 - "Mutant rapes & Christmas movies the Soska’s next chapter"

The Soska Sisters rise in horror has been a controversial one with lovers and haters on both sides ever since their first film in 2009 Dead Hooker in a Trunk introduced the world to Jen and Sylvia Soska aka The Twisted Twins.Read More »

Interview with Pollyanna McIntosh star of White Settlers

Pollyanna McIntosh is the amazing actress who got the horror communities attention in Lucky McKee’s The Woman. Since then she has been starring in all sorts of projects from scary shorts to TV miniseries. This Monday the 20th November sees the release of her latest home invasion horror White Settlers which has caused its own more »Read More »

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