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During our work, reviewing and previewing horror films, we get to meet some amazing people to interview them.

Here is a selection of our interviews with people related to the horror industry.

Interview with Jez Conolly, Writer of The Thing (Devil's Advocates)

If you’ve watched John Carpenter’s The Thing you’ll probably find it very difficult to believe that at one point, there were people that actually didn’t like it. After getting a frosty reception back in 1982 when it was released, it gradually made its way into the hearts of the masses, securing its place in the more »Read More »

Interview with Kiss of the Damned writer and director Xan Cassavetes

In Kiss of the Damned writer and director Xan Cassavetes has created not only a stylish, sexy and utterly gripping horror but she has also managed to bring new blood to the vampire genre in the story of destructive sisters Djuna and Mimi played by Josephine de La Baume and Roxane Mesquida. As the sun more »Read More »

Interview with The Devil's Bargain director Drew Cullingham

Unseen. Uncertified. Unmissable. Drew Cullingham (UMBRAGE: THE FIRST VAMPIRE, BLACK SMOKE RISING) has written and directed a savage, psychological portrait of love, lust and the end of the world, which will be available to watch for just £3.99 from Friday January 17th 2014, via and & Check out this question and answer more »Read More »

Interview with Rabies & Big Bad Wolves co-director Navot Papushado

After our recent interview with Aharon Keshales we got a chance to talk to his partner in crime Navot Papushado, the co-writer and co-director of Big Bad Wolves and Rabies which is broadcast on The Horror Channel Saturday Dec 28 at 10.50pm. This month Horror Channel is showing the UK TV premiere of RABIES, the more »Read More »

Interview with Big Bad Wolves director Aharon Keshales

Make no mistake Big Bad Wolves is one of the best film of 2013 and not just because Quentin “hire a poster quote” Tarantino says so but because its true. Tense, thrilling, exciting and engaging it is a tour de force of film making that transcends genre’s packed to the roof with power house performances. more »Read More »

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