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During our work, reviewing and previewing horror interviewshorror films, we get to meet some amazing people to interview them.

Here is a selection of our interviews with people related to the horror industry. If you’d like us to interview you about something that you’re doing that’s related to horror, please get in touch here:
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Horror Interviews

The Samurai interview with Writer & Director Till Kleinert & stars Pit Bukowski & Michel Diercks

Showing at last years FrightFest Till Kleinert’s amazing movie has stayed with me ever since and now its time for the rest of the world to experience this nightmarish horror thriller.Read More »

A Good Marriage Interview with Stephen King and Joan Allen

A Good Marriage (cert. 15) is released on VOD & Digital on 13th April and arrives on UK DVD on 20th April 2015, courtesy of Grimm Entertainment.Read More »

Interview with It Follows lead Maika Monroe

It_Follows_3After hearing from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell (check out the Q&A HERE) its the turn of leading lady Maika Monroe, last seen in The Guest, to face some questions about making this inventive horror, her director and how she got into acting in the first place..Read More »

Interview with It Follows director David Robert Mitchell

Released on in UK cinemas on February 27th It Follows is a crazy new horror that has a whole new take on the genre that has been leaving festival audiences in fear after every screening. Director David Robert Mitchell runs us through making the movie and all about his leading lady Maika Monroe.Read More »

Interview with Jessica Cameron Director & Star of Truth or Dare

Starting out in the world of work with a fashion degree, she became a stylist for television before moving into acting.Read More »

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