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During our work, reviewing and previewing horror interviewshorror films, we get to meet some amazing people to interview them.

Here is a selection of our interviews with people related to the horror industry. If you’d like us to interview you about something that you’re doing that’s related to horror, please get in touch here:
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Horror Interviews

Interview with Pollyanna McIntosh star of White Settlers

Pollyanna McIntosh is the amazing actress who got the horror communities attention in Lucky McKee’s The Woman. Since then she has been staring in all sorts of projects from scary shorts to TV miniseries. This Monday the 20th November sees the release of her latest home invasion horror White Settlers which has caused its own more »Read More »

Interview with Night of the Comet star Catherine Mary Stewart

After enjoying some retro horror with Night of the Comet, Zombie 2 was mesmerised by the performance of its star - Catherine Mary Stewart. Hungry for flesh and content for the Love Horror site, he broke his leash and tracked her down.Read More »

Interview with Ed Boase Writer and Director of The Mirror

orb1Written and directed by Ed Boase and based on a true story The Mirror details the tale of three flatmates who make a movie about a haunted mirror they have bought on eBay.Read More »

Interview with Nate Fallows from The Mirror

allbigThe last of the cast to talk to us Nate Fallows plays Steve in the British supernatural horror The Mirror which is out on the 8th of September. Below Nate chats to us about making the film, his cast mates Joshua Dickinson and Jemma Dallender, seeing ghosts and being the “Family Dog.” Interview with Nate more »Read More »

Interview with Jemma Dallender from The Mirror

JDbigSecond in our interviews for The Mirror is Jemma Dallender a girl who is slowly but surely making her name in horror with standout performances in Community and I Spit on your Grave 2.Read More »

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