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During our work, reviewing and previewing horror interviewshorror films, we get to meet some amazing people to interview them.

Here is a selection of our interviews with people related to the horror industry. If you’d like us to interview you about something that you’re doing that’s related to horror, please get in touch here:
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Horror Interviews

Interview with writer and director of The Stranger Guillermo Amoedo

In creepy new horror The Stranger, a mysterious man named Martin arrives in a small town at the end of nowhere. He is there to eradicate a highly contagious and dangerous disease that makes sufferers addicted to human blood.Read More »

Tales of Halloween Interview with Pollyanna McIntosh

Tales of Halloween is the latest horror anthology based on All Hallows Eve.Read More »

Interview with SFX Makeup Artist, Laura Gardner

Hallooween is nearly here. And if you’ve been slow at sorting a costume for that party that you’re going to, you’ll need some expert advice.Read More »

Interview with Alistair Legrand director and co-writer of The Diabolical

The Diabolical was one of my favorite films from this years FrightFest, a movie that once seen will stay with the viewer long after its done along with many questions that may plague your mind as they did mine. Luckily I met the man behind the movie, director and co-writer Alistair Legrand who told me more »Read More »

Interview with Ted Geoghegan about We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here was one of the best received films on the horror festivals circuit this year. We were keen to know more about the film and its origins, so managed to get some time with writer/director, Ted Geoghegan.Read More »

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