The Cured with Ellen Page is coming

Evoking George A. Romero at his best, The Cured is a smart zombie film that will get you thinking, even as it scares the living daylights out of you.

The tight storytelling, expert direction and captivating performances all hinge around one central question that’s never been asked before: when the zombie outbreak is over, what does it mean to be one of the cured?

Years after Europe was ravaged by the Maze virus, transforming people into cannibalistic monsters, a cure is finally found. Senan Browne (Sam Keeley) is haunted by what he did while infected. As he returns to the home of his brother’s widow, Abbie (Ellen Page), fear and suspicion threaten to plunge the world back into chaos.

It’s been a long time since a zombie film got us this excited. With an impressive debut from director David Freyne, The Cured succeeds in being more than just another zombie film and calls to mind landmark hits in the genre such as Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later.

Rather than focusing on the outbreak itself, writer-director David Freyne sets his sights on what happens after a solution has been found. In this case, what do you do if you had a zombie infection, committed all manner of atrocities, were cured but you can remember everything? Could you live with yourself? Would your family take you back or cast you out? How would society treat you? What would happen if it all started over again? It also ominously asks, if 75% of the infected have been cured, what do you do with the remaining 25% who can’t be?

Set in Ireland and written against the backdrop of the European bailouts and protests as well as the Zika virus, The Cured is a timely, intelligent genre movie that stays current as tensions once again rise across the continent. Featuring a standout performance from Ellen Page as the sister-in-law of a newly cured zombie, The Cured marks Freyne as a filmmaker to watch.

THE CURED is in UK cinemas from 11 May 2018 and on DVD and Digital from 14 May 2018


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