Treehouse (2014) Review

It’s that moment any person in a house dreads. Finding a note on the fridge from your Dad telling you to look after your brother, Little Bob.
You hear someone Treehouse 2014 horror filmcreeping about upstairs, it’s got to be Little Bob right? Walking round your house you find no one in the house at all apart from yourself.

You grab a gun and walk round the house, looking for whoever the perpetrator is, but you see no one. You hear stuff crashing outside and go to investigate still holding the gun. You see a figure for a few seconds, who goes off into the distant. The the screams begin, but you can’t see who they are from. It sounds like a child, screaming intensely sounding in pain. Little Bob!
Fade to black.
Then the credits for Treehouse roll.

The film then transposes into the present and we are presented with brothers Killian and Crawford, who have ventured into the forest to have some fun. At night. What sort of fun one can have during the night? It left me puzzled and I couldn’t help but wonder what two brothers would hope to find during an escapade into the woods at such a late hour. Surely they would have taken some other friends along? Some booze and some female company too? Maybe I’m thinking along the lines of classic 80s horror, which unfortunately this most definitely is not.

Treehouse 2014 horror film
Do not let your kids play in this treehouse…

They find Elizabeth, the character I told you about above, scared witless and wounded in a treehouse. We are then presented with the usual array of shadowy figures out in the forest, not knowing if they are supernatural or physical beings. Spooky eh? In a word… No.

As usual the following questions need to be answered: Who or what is lurking out in the woods? Will Elizabeth, Killian and Crawford live to see another day? How much is a price of milk these days? (Ooops, what kind of question is that?) As usual, rather than me answering them, why not check the DVD out to find out?

I was expecting a lot from Treehouse, seeing as director Michael Bartlett also directed the awesome Zombie Diaries. Whilst Treehouse has some quite beautiful filming and there is excellent aerial shooting and use of sound effects to create atmosphere, I just didn’t feel any kind of suspense, dread or fear whilst watching it.
It’s hardly original either, drawing on Deliverance for inspiration. There are so many times I can watch a film with the cast barricaded inside an environment. You know what’s going to happen to them and you also know that there will be a survivor or survivors.

Treehouse 2014 horror film
“You stay away from my treehouse mister…”

Treehouse could have been so much better. For one, the forest was under-used and was really the ideal setting for a lot more mayhem, scares and gore. Yes we see bodies being hung from trees and bodies strewn to and fro, but we’ve seen all of this so many times before.
I would suggest next time that director Michael Bartlett should write the script he is directing, as the script from Alex Child and Miles Harrington was lacking in depth, character, motivation and plain scares. As for the ending… It could have been so much better. Such an easy way out.

Watch Treehouse if you’ve nothing else to rent on Netflix on a dark and stormy night. There are of course thousands of classic 80s horror films to also choose from – which this tried to emulate – but didn’t succeed in doing so.

Don’t be looking for extras either, there’s none on it.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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