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Night of the Creeps (1986) Review

As I have said I have said a ton of times on this website horror comedies are hard. Many times they end up being neither comedic or horrible but sometimes you find the perfect blend and Night of the Creeps is that movie plus even better it’s from the 80’s!Read More

Maniac Cop (1988) Review

Now I know what you’re thinking my cine-literate well educated horror loving readers. With a film called Maniac Cop there are two things that you must expect. One is a cop who is a maniac, and the second is a film that is as gory and entertaining as it is completely stupid.Read More

My Bloody Valentine (2009) Review

I should have learned my lesson last time. Do not watch a remake of an old horror film that you love, as you will invariably be disappointed. The problem this time was… That it was in 3D!!! I couldn’t miss out on that! Plus, as the film began, I realised that it wasn’t intended as […]Read More