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Mojave (2015) Review

With a death wish burning in his brain and a deep desire to lose himself where no one can find him tortured artist Thomas (TRON: Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund) leaves L.A and heads off into the endless Mojave desert in the hopes of discovering what it is his life is lacking.Read More

Coolest Movie Firearms

People don’t kill people, guns do! Or is it the other way round? Either way, firearms hold us in a grip of morbid fascination, and filmmakers have never shied away from feeding our appetite for destruction.Read More

Perfect Sense out this Monday

Following its critically acclaimed UK theatrical release in October 2011, the apocalyptic sci-fi fable, Perfect Sense, starring Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge; Star Wars; Trainspotting) and Eva Green(Casino Royale; The Dreamers) comes to DVD on 30th January 2012Read More