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From a House on Willow Street (2016) Review

Way back at FrightFest last year From a House on Willow Street stood out to me as a fun action packed horror flick powered along by some excellent performances and effects and now almost a year later its finally getting a full release as it duly deserves.Read More

You’re Next (2011) Review

I sometimes sit in my doctor’s surgery waiting for them to say “You’re Next” but it never seems to happen. It’s funny then that a film has come out with a title that I so often wish to hear.Read More

Sharni Vinson at FrightFest’s All-Nighter

Sharni Vinson star of BAIT 3D and YOU’RE NEXT!, makes her first appearance at FrightFest, presenting the premiere of her latest film PATRICK, which screens at 9.15pm on Sat Oct 26, as part of The FrightFest All-Nighter at the Vue in London’s Leicester Square.Read More

Bait (2012) Review

Bait opens with one of the cheesiest shark attacks ever committed to celluloid. It begins when lifeguard Josh (Twilight and The Loved Ones star, Xavier Samuel) fails to save his best friend and the brother of his girlfriend Tina (Sharni Vinson soon to be seen in You’re Next) from being nastily devoured by a fiendish […]Read More