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‘Mind the Gap!’ Death Line and the Best of London-set

London has inspired countless horror films over the years. Its historic streets have long whispered their macabre stories into the ears of willing film directors, who base their tales of terror in England’s eerie capital. Whether it’s vicious serial killers or undead hordes, London has always provided a spectacular backdrop to films that go bump […]Read More


In this year of celebration of all things British, STUDIOCANAL and the ICO are delighted to announce a summer season of theatrical screenings in celebration of some of the finest, most entertaining and quirkiest cinema that this sceptred isle has ever produced and more importantly for LoveHorror it includes two horror classics THE PLAGUE OF THE […]Read More

Quatermass And The Pit (1967) Review

Made by Hammer Quatermass and the Pit was a sequel to two of their earlier films both of which revolved around the amazingly named protagonist Professor Bernard Quatermass and all of which inspired by the BBC TV series written by Nigel Kneale.Read More