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The Premonition (1976) Review

The Premonition directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer and written by Anthony Mahon and Louis Pastore came out in 1976 the same year as Brian De Palma terrific crazy telekinetic horror Carrie. Sharing some similarities it seems The Premonition remained relatively unknown until that is Arrow got hold of it for a brand new Blu-ray release.Read More

Wake up to The Night of the Comet

Arrow Video is excited to announce the UK Blu-ray and DVD release of Night of the Comet, the 80s cult-classic which since its initial release in 1984, has gone on to amass a legion of loyal fans with its hugely entertaining riff on the apocalyptic sub-genre of movies, paying homage to such classics as The […]Read More

Night of the Comet (1984) Review

The 80’s were known for bad clothes, bad hair and brilliant horror movies. The decade that saw the start of several legendary monster movie franchises, the rise of the slasher film and a whole heap of bloody brilliance also contains some long forgotten cult classics ready for rediscovery. And Night of the Comet is one […]Read More