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Deranged (1974) Review

Cult in the extreme the low budget Canadian-American horror Deranged released in 1974 is a gore filled joy ride based on the life of serial killer and serious mother lover Ed Gein.Read More

Motel Hell (1980) Review

Motel Hell is the 1980’s cult horror comedy that’s finally out on Blu-Ray and DVD for the first time in the UK, thanks to the wonderful warped Arrow Video. Seen by many as a horror satire, the low budget and dark humour hide a deeply disturbing narrative about a mad man and his dedication to […]Read More

Amicus Interview with Director Kevin Connor

Director Kevin Connor is the man behind Amicus’ most memorable movies: Warlords Of Atlantis, The Land that Time Forgot, At the Earth’s Core and They Came from Beyond Space (all available to win Here!) as well as the insane Motel Hell. We caught up with him to talk past, present and future and more. LoveHorror: […]Read More