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Win Dracula Untold on Blu-ray

One of the most enduring and captivating figures of all time unveils his beginnings in this gripping origin story. Experience the thrilling adventure and epic battle for one man’s soul in stunning high definitionin Dracula Untold which is out now and ready for you to win in our great Blu-ray competition.Read More

Dracula Untold (2014) Review

The hunger for film studios to reinvent, reboot and rediscover the tale of Dracula is as endless and unquenchable as the thirst for blood that devours the vampire lord himself but as with any iconic figure not all its incarnations are as entertaining and interesting as the others.Read More

No One Lives (2013) Review

The latest movie from Ryuhei Kitamura is a non-stop slasher that provides bucket loads of blood, guts, entertainment and thrills bringing audiences a horror movie completely deserving of the superb title No One Lives.Read More