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Raising Cain (1992) Review

Being a massive Brian De Palma fan I am always excited when Arrow announce another of his fantastic features coming to Blu-ray and Raising Cain is no exception. Written and directed by De Palma the movie emerged in 1992 after his immensely successful gangster epic The Untouchables in 1987, Vietnam set Casualties of War in […]Read More

Dexter – Season 6 (2011) Review

Dexter is one of the very best tv shows of the last few years and after much acclaim and a heap of awards – not to mention esteemed guest actors such as John Lithgow, Julia Stiles and Peter Weller – now comes the release of its sixth season on DVD. At this late point in any show’s life it can be […]Read More

Obsession (1976) Review

The legend that is Alfred Hitchcock has inspired many moviemakers over the years. From slight stylistic nods like the dolly zoom in Jaws to outright ridiculous remakes such as Gus Van Sant’s atrocious 1998 Psycho, Hitchcock’s echo can be seen and felt across cinema right up to the present day.Read More