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The Don is Dead (1973) Review

People who love gangster flicks, really really love gangster flicks so finding a hidden hood filled gem ripe for rediscovery is a rare thing. Thankfully the wonderful folks at Eureka Entertainment are here to help with the release of lesser known crime thriller The Don is Dead.Read More

The Lords of Salem (2012) Review

First things first, I have never been a fan of Rob Zombie. I know that many people are and those people will probably watch this film regardless of what I have to say. It’s nothing to do with his music, I love a good head bang now and again, it’s entirely to do with his […]Read More

Halloween Grindhouse.

We here at Love Horror love Halloween (and not just by proxy). Every year, when the Celtic festival of harvest rolls around a wicked expression of unsettling menace creeps its way across our sunken faces. It’s the one day of the year that we are allowed to indulge our obsession with everything ghoulish and ghastly, […]Read More