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Homecoming (2009)

Love can be painful at times. And when a couple breaks up, those involved can react in many different ways. Some become withdrawn, sadly dwelling on the past; some go wild and enjoy their new found freedom; some may even hold out hope that one day, they will be reunited with their lover, and for […]Read More

Horror’s scariest girlfriends

The impending release of <em>Homecoming </em>(out this week) got the love horror team thinking. In case you don't know yet, <em>Homecoming</em> is all about a girl called Shelby (Mischa Barton) that just can't let her ex boyfriend Mike go. Read More

Homecoming competition

Bring terror home when the spine-chilling suspense thriller Homecoming is released on DVD on June 7th 2010, courtesy of Momentum Pictures. Mischa Barton (TV’s ‘The O.C.’, The Sixth Sense) and Jessica Stroup (TV’s ‘Beverley Hills 90210’, Prom Night, The Hills Have Eyes II) go head to head in this nerve-shattering story of a psycho ex-girlfriend […]Read More