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Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018) Review

When you think about schools and horror your mind is usually drawn to the High Schools and Frat Houses featured in an avalanche of American horror movies. From Carrie to Urban Legend, The Faculty to Scream Queens it seems being in school in the US is bad for your health.Read More

Troll (1986) Review

How strange it must be to have a sequel more famous and infamous than the original? Everyone who loves horror, bad movies and laughing their ass off has heard of Troll 2 even if it’s just that they have watched the ‘Oh my God!’ scene on YouTube, which by the way has over 5.9 million […]Read More

The Woman in Black (2012) Review

From a novel, to a stage play, to a TV movie the story of The Woman in Black is as enduring as it is effecting; as timeless as it is terrifying; and the latest adaptation which darkens our cinema screens does not disappoint.Read More