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Monsters Slasher Thriller

Trick ‘r Treat (2008)

When I was but a pup, my family and I moved from our rustic borehole in Blighty to a far statelier abode in the United States of America. Situating ourselves within the shoulder state of Wisconsin, we quickly warmed to the country and its many traditions. The one most impacting of such traditions was a […]Read More

Horror News

Happy Halloween!

It’s that fateful day you devilish losers, users, cruisers and low down abusers. Say hello to Halloween, a time to crawl and a time to scream. Twitch and shout to the rhythms of night, to the schreechs and wails that fill your heart with fright. It’s a time for scares and a time for dares […]Read More


Halloween (1978) Review

Zombie2: I love John Carpenter. He is a master of horror and has directed some of the best films in the genre including The Thing, Prince of Darkness, The Fog and many more including this – his macabre masterpiece, Halloween. Setting the rules for any and all other slasher films, not only did Carpenter create […]Read More


Halloween (2007) Review

Modern day Hollywood loves remakes. And more recently many classic (and some not so classic) horror movies have been reappearing on our Cineplex screens, repackaged and refilmed for a new generation of viewers.Read More