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F.U.B.A.R (2018) Review

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” reads the tagline for Ben Kent’s (Love Bug-2012) debut feature, F.U.B.A.R; a horror comedy that gives ‘zombie paintballing weekend’ a whole other meaning when a group of rowdy stags embark on an unforgettable trip they will soon come to regret!Read More

Five FrightFest Facts From Ben Kent director of F.U.B.A.R

1. Tell us about your film? F.U.B.A.R is a comedy horror about a stag weekend at a zombie survival paintball experience that goes a little… well, F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition! 2. How did you get into making horror movies? I’ve always been a huge fan of horror and particularly comedy horror. When I made […]Read More