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The Best Stakeout Scenes In Film

What’s a good crime film without a proper stakeout scene? To celebrate Dragged Across Concrete (on Blu-ray and DVD now) and starring Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, we delve into some of the best stakeout scenes in film.Read More

Drive and the Fastest Car Movies with the Hottest Soundtracks

Cars and music have long gone hand in leather-gloved hand. Experiments into installing audio equipment in automobiles go as far back as 1904 and by the 1940s there were 9 million car radios in circulation. Today cars are pimped out with all manner of hi-tech speaker gear so drivers can blast out their favourite music […]Read More

The Driver (1978) Review

Although we at Love Horror love horror some films are so good you have to break the rules and The Driver is one of those films. Massively influential on modern action movies from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive to the Fast and Furious series Walter Hill’s The Driver is action perfection and still remains one of the ultimate car-chase films.Read More