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Love Horror Lists Top 5 Cross-Dressing Movie Thrillers

In <a href="http://lovehorror.co.uk/peacock-2010-review">Peacock</a>, Cillian Murphy stars alongside Ellen Page as a small-town man with one huge secret. To his neighbours, John Skillpa (Murphy) is a shy and reserved bank clerk living in the small town of Peacock. But behind closed doors John has a secret personality, ‘Emma’, who cooks and cleans for him at the beginning of every day.Read More

Dressed To Kill (1980) Review

The amazing Arrow Video continue their releases of the brilliant Brian De Palma’s back catalogue with his erotic thriller Dressed to Kill one of his most sexually explicit movies which is finally available on Blu-Ray in this uncut version.Read More

Obsession (1976) Review

The legend that is Alfred Hitchcock has inspired many moviemakers over the years. From slight stylistic nods like the dolly zoom in Jaws to outright ridiculous remakes such as Gus Van Sant’s atrocious 1998 Psycho, Hitchcock’s echo can be seen and felt across cinema right up to the present day.Read More