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Double Date (2017) Review

Jim (Danny Morgan) is a ginger virgin speeding towards his 30th birthday and desperate to pop his cherry before leaving his 20’s something his sexist idiotic best friend Alex (Michael Socha from Being Human) has vowed to help him to accomplish.Read More

Interview with Colin Hoult for The Real Horror Show

With the 13th Hour Horror Festival risen and terrorizing the Lecister Square Theatre as we speak we got a chance to talk to the man responsible for one of the most spooktecular shows on the stage Colin Hoult who told us all about The Real Horror Show, real horror and Being Human. How did you get […]Read More

The Walking Dead – Season 1 (2010) Review

It is safe to say that TV horror has finally made it to the mainstream. After the immense popularity of series such as The X-Files, Buffy and Angel in the 90’s and 00’s TV networks saw the potential of projects which may not have originally made it onto our televisions, leading to an influx of […]Read More