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Interview with Andrew Lee Potts for Dracula

As the 13th Hour Horror Festival keeps the scares coming, we talked to actor Andrew Lee Potts about his role in Dracula, Primevil and his other projects coming soon. This includes directing and plenty more acting – boy is he busy! Along the way he also tells us about fighting dinosaurs, fighting vampires and X Factor (not fighting […]Read More

Interview with Adam Morley Director of Dracula

As the 13th Hour Horror Festival begins its righteous rampaging run we talk to director Adam Morley the man behind the show that started the horrific proceedings off Dracula. This visually stunning and faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic chiller is produced by the Scifan Corporation and AlleyKat and has been bringing in audiences since […]Read More

New Dracula Pics from 13th Hour Horror Fest

As the 13th Hour Festival kicks off in all its gory glory we bring you the latest pictures straight fromthe set of Adam Morley’s version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula staring the stella cast of Andrew Lee Potts as Jonathan Harker, Max Wrottesley as Dracula, Charlie Bond, Carrie Marx and Rhys Owen all pictured below.  Read More

Exclusive Dracula Pictures

Having opened on wednesday the 10th, the opening play of the 13th Hour Horror Festival – Dracula – is already wowing audiences. And we have pictures courtesy of Dead Lettuce of two of the main cast members to give you a taste of the brilliant adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale. The Sci-fan Corporation […]Read More