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Back to Black: The Grifters and Six of the Best

Stark cinematography, a stifling atmosphere of corruption and murder most foul: film noir is one of the most iconic genres of film to emerge in the history of cinema. Its enduring images of shady criminals in shadowy rooms has influenced countless films since its heyday in the 1940s, but none more so than the plethora […]Read More

Interview with Devon Graye from 13 Sins

Brilliant new horror 13 Sins sees Mark Webber playing a man caught up in a warped reality game show where he must complete 13 gradually more nasty and insane challenges to win his way out of the debt filled life he has fallen into. The excellent Devon Graye plays Webber’s mentally impaired brother Michael a […]Read More

13 Sins (2014) Review

Swaying between jet black humor and unnervingly real horror 13 Sins shines a light on our present day society illuminating how easy it is to turn anyone into a monster given the right motivation, a concept that makes for both a brilliant movie and a deeply unsettling realization about the world around us.Read More