The Conspiracy (2012) Review

The Conspiracy

Found footage and faux documentaries are not just two a penny in horror these days it’s more like two hundred so to find one that not only breaks the mouldy moribund mould but is a great horror as well is frankly marvellous and The Conspiracy is that movie.

The Conspiracy tells the story of documentary film makers Aaron (Aaron Poole) and Jim (Saw VI’s James Gilbet) who are making their movie on local conspiracy theorist Terrance G (Alan C. Peterson) a man obsessed with publicly revealing the inner workings of the shadowy organisations who are really behind all world events from 9/11 to the Kennedy assassination.

Things take a turn for the weird however when Terrence disappears and while Jim believes their movie is over Aaron finds himself drawn into the web of secrets and lies that Terrence has seemingly uncovered.

The Conspiracy

As Aaron becomes more obsessed his friend fears for his sanity going along with his wild ideas more to keep an eye on him than because he agrees. But as Aaron delves deeper and others confirm his findings the pair soon find themselves face to face with the truth. The question is can they handle it?The Conspiracy

From the off this Canadian horror thriller blends fact and fiction just enough to keep the story convincing. Building brilliantly throughout you can’t help but find yourself like Aaron completely compelled to discover more until The Conspiracy delivers its deeply disturbing end game in the last act which takes the fear factor right up to the red.

Helmed by first time feature director Christopher MacBride who also wrote the movie The Conspiracy is a well-made and expertly written and works brilliantly as a faux documentary being that unlike so many other horrors it is the only format that truly suits the story.

The cast are excellent especially Poole, last seen in The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, who gives a great performance of a man losing his mind to the myriad of theories and rumours that simultaneously could mean everything or nothing.

The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy

A must see for conspiracy theory nuts and those still mourning the loss of the X-Files it is also a solid shocker that will entertain and enthral all audiences who may be inspired to do some digging into some of the beliefs behind the movie.

Just be careful not to upset The Tarsus Club or you’ll be sorry!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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