Muckman (2009) Review

Muckman directed by Brett Piper, alludes itself to being a documentary (or should that be mockumentary?) about the fabled Muckman, an elusive creature who by all accounts appears to have been around for centuries.

Mickey is a tv reporter who is down on his luck. Noone will touch anything he works on, due to the fact that when he made his last documentary on Muckman, the actor who was portraying the creature decided to run into a tree.
Mickey has been obsessed with Muckman for years and appears to have found him again. His only hope is in pitching Muckman as a show to producer Otto Van Sant, who doesn’t appear to be the least bit interested in anything that Mickey promotes. With a little enthusiasm and the prospect of Asia Buchanan as the host of the show, Otto relents and agrees to finance Mickey’s documentary.

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Mickey sends a crew into hillbilly Pennsylvania. Asia has teamed up with Cletus, to ensure that there is an actual Muckman to film, as she honestly believes that Muckman is a hoax after the debacle of Mickey’s previous show. Cletus even has hillbilly twin cousins Horace and Elmer as his accomplices, who are quite willing to do anything for their kin.
Billie, the assistant, appears to have caught onto something when she finds some eggs by the lake, which she decides to take back to her motor home and hatch. Unfortunately it appears that there is a Muckman after all and he is not happy about his habitat being disturbed!

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Muckman, has everything that a low budget horror comedy requires: B-movie acting, hillbilly twins with flatulence problems, girls in bikinis fighting in water and a creature which harks back to the classic movies of the 1950’s.
The cast give the impression that they’re not only enjoying working on the film but that they are even enjoying having a laugh at themselves. A. J. Khan, although quite one dimensional as her character Asia, carries off the key characteristics – being unlikeable, demanding and self obsessed. Throughout the film she is constantly demanding tea and food, and it’s funny to watch the cast pander to her every whim. Other cast members don’t shine quite as much, though I must admit to having a fondness for Billie in the film, although this was probably enhanced when she did her bikini scene (Sorry Mrs.Zombie!).

Muckman film 2009

My enjoyment watching Muckman was unexpected. Even being the cheap, non thrill making event it is, it did get some laughs and retained my interest throughout. Brett Piper is a veteran of B-Movies (having shot his first film 25 years ago) and is most famous for the film Shock-O-Rama. Here, Brett has delivered a troma-esque film in Muckman, and visually it’s on a par with The Toxic Avenger or Swamp Thing.
The Muckman however, is not a scary nasty creature as such. In fact, I found him quite cuddly in a macho, he-man kind of way.

I would recommend Muckman to anyone who likes Troma films, and likes effects from the Ray Harryhausen school of monsters.
Muckman rocks!!!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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