Won Ton Baby (2011) Review

won ton baby 2009 film It’s the late 70s and Madam Won Ton owns a Chinese restaurant which not only delivers Chinese meals but also delivers hookers to those wanting more than some dumplings.
The King (Elvis lookalike) decides to take a visit and falls for Madam Won Ton’s charms. They soon go to bed together and take some pills to heighten their fun. Madam Won Ton ends up pregnant, but unfortunately the pills cause birth defects! Eeek!!!

Skipping forward in time, Madam Won Ton still runs her Chinese restaurant and has two children, Little Wing and Ben. Little Wing speaks with a Chinese accent, even though it is most obvious she is non-Chinese. She is also disfigured – her belly is far bigger than her tiny frame should be able to handle. won ton baby dvd Ben, on the other hand is Chinese, and spends most of his time smoking pot and generally being a lazy prat. Pretty messed up eh?

Little Wing gets pains and is taken to the hospital by her mum. There, the Doctor advises them that Little Wing has a parasitic twin living inside her. It needs to be removed from her immediately, otherwise Little Wing might die.
Madam Won Ton seems genuinely concerned, but all goes well (sort of) when Little Wing wakes up after the operation and is presented with her brother – Won Ton Baby. Let’s just say he’s not your normal child, for instance he has an umbilical cord with muscles in it. Enough to make you choke on your noodles.

Little Wing takes the baby home and finds that he is surprisingly smart, can even speak and is very well developed (I’ll let you come to your own conclusions by what I mean!).

What follows is an all out gross display of blood, guts and sexual gratification, and Cut and Slash loved every minute of it baby!
It’s about time that other film makers started to realise what a melting pot of ‘sheer horror meets sex’ the 80s was, and embrace the the era to incorporate it into their production and direction style.
There is nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from the genre’s most productive period, and James Morgart has done this with aplomb. It would be great if other directors were willing to take similar risks James with the subject matter in this film being unusually unpleasant (love it)!

won ton baby 2009 movie won ton baby king

I have to say that this has been one of the most enjoyable low budget horror films I have ever watched, and I’ve watched a fair few! I have to commend James Morgart’s direction on his first full length horror film.

I also would like to congratulate Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine and Lou Martini Jr. on their fine performances. Suzi in particular as Little Wing made me feel true sorrow for the way that she was treated by the local people who visited Won Ton’s. Suzi (as well as being a fine actress) also co-wrote the story with James.

Debbie, meanwhile, made me feel things which Cut And Slash cannot repeat in this review (Call me please Debbie!).

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 



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