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The latest project from writer/director Scott Lyus, responsible for festival hits Silently Within Your Shadow and Echoes of the Passed, BLACK MASS has taken over Kickstarter and there’s still a few days left to join the gothic horror army and help bring this unique and terrifying horror to life.

Having smashed their target in less than 3 weeks, becoming the number 1 horror film project on Kickstarter, and rising to the 5th most popular film project in the world during their second week, the filmmakers now look to hit their ever important stretch goals and go above and beyond in the creation of their new horror icon Darkness.

For those unaware, Black Mass is a dark and atmospheric story about a demonic presence that haunts a bereaved Father and his two adopted daughters. The film promises to be Lyus’ most ambitious project to date, and he has assembled an incredible cast and crew to bring it to life.

Black Mass is a film that is born out of my own personal battle with depression and the depths it has taken me to. For me, it has been the darkest and scariest period of my life, and while it’s a battle I still suffer with, it’s something I’m ready to be open about and help shine a light on. The story is a passionate take on a very tough subject and I don’t want to shy away from or sugarcoat what people with depression go through and horror is the perfect genre to explore that story. I promise Black Mass will be the scariest and darkest film I have ever made.

The film also has one hell of a cast, with JOHNNY VIVASH, CHARLIE BOND and SOPHIA ELENI stepping in front of the camera to bring this terrifying gothic horror to life. Johnny has featured in multiple award-winning productions such as Book of Monsters, Charismata and The Creature Below. Charlie has been a stalwart of British indie films, having appeared in The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan, Hellriser and King Lear. With Sophia most well known for her roles in American television series Tyrant and romantic comedy feature Finding Fatimah, as well as upcoming TV mini-series Whatever After.

The film will be produced by both Lyus and Chris Nials of The London Horror Society; with Director of Photography Neal Parsons, who was part of the crew behind 2017’s Oscar-winning short film A Silent Child behind the camera and musician Mitch Bain creating a unique and spine-tingling score. And helping to bring Darkness to life is VFX guru Ryan J. Thompson, who has worked on a bunch of cult horror hits, including horror mega hit The Birch which was picked up by Eli Roth’s CryptTV and has hit a record breaking 15 million views on YouTube alone.

With Black Mass already a runaway success, the question now is how much of a Kickstarter success story is this little film going to be? Having an award winning team behind it, and a strong message about depression and mental illness at its core, this is one horror project you will want to be a part of. Darkness is Coming horror fans.

Find out more HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scottlyus/black-mass-a-gothic-horror-film


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