Making Short Films: What You Need To Know from Spooky Astronauts & 15 Second Horror Film Challenge

Horror reviewer/interviewer Spooky Astronauts and Andrew J.D. Robinson from 15 Second Horror Film Challenge have teamed up to produce an immersive how-to filmmaking video showcasing filmmakers’ advice and experiences that have the capacity to spark someone who otherwise may not know where or how to start.

Throughout the years, they have continued to serve the horror community — Spooky Astronauts has a growing following of enthusiastic horror fans and aspiring artists whereas the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge has inclusively programmed almost 1.5K entries from filmmakers worldwide since its inception in 2015. They share the same sentiment to pay it forward to the cosmos in the hopes that this reaches and inspires someone whose always been passionate and curious to explore something they’ve always wanted to.

Check out the video below and see more from Spooky Astronauts HERE and the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge HERE


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