Funding needed for NEXT CHRISTMAS A Holiday Horror Short

Talented film maker Ben Adams is running an Indie GoGo for a short Christmas Horror Film and seeing as we like Christmas and Horror we thought we would help spraed the word for him. You can find the link here and read what Ben has to say about the project below.

“This idea is something I’ve had for a very long time, it satisfies both sides of me. The child that is still mesmerised by magic and the adult who has a macabre fascination with death and murder.”

“Next Christmas” you may be surprised to hear… is very much a Christmas film. What made me write it was spending time at home for Christmas around 4 years ago. I realised that the magic had disappeared. It was no longer a fun, joyous time with all my loved ones, filled with happiness and wonder. Instead it had become tedious and repetitive, almost a chore for the people there, with my loved ones now looking old and frail. I started to think about that idea and delve into more of how the magic gets lost as you get older and that became the main drive for the antagonist of the film.”

“I don’t want to ruin the story but essentially Jeffrey’s wife has left him and taken their two daughters with her. This Christmas is his first Christmas alone and vows to make next years (the christmas where he has the children) the best Christmas they’ve ever had, by kidnapping the real Sant Claus. Santa is locked in a room for a year, only being visited by Jeffrey to check his progress. You see, Jeffrey has told Santa to build the toys and decorations all ready for next Christmas and after a bit of torture, Santa is fully on board. The story is about Santa desperately trying to escape the clutches of this heart broken mad man whilst Jeffrey’s objective is just to give his daughters the most magical christmas they’ve ever seen, no matter what the cost!”

“With a 4th of the money raised, I will be entering the finished film into as many film festivals as I can as well as sending to any production company that will still read my emails. Asking various influencer friends and celebs to spread it around too. Although this all sounds like you could do it for free, I assure you the festival scene is not cheap.”

“This film to me is a culmination of everything I’ve learnt and made since I came to London. Over that time I’ve worked on huge giant blockbusters to tiny independent student films. I’ve walked into a pub with Andrew Shire in the middle of nowhere, both dressed as Freddie Mercury after locking the keys in the car, I’ve filmed in a smoke filled flat for 13 hours straight on one line of dialogue. I am very aware of the pitfalls and problems that come with making a film and the one thing I’ve learnt above all else is, if the script is as good as it can be then the rest is sorted, however if that script isn’t well thought out you’ll encounter problems every step of the way. This script is the best I’ve ever written and getting the money for it to be able to make it and show it to people really will be the result of 33 years of tireless work and rejection (well…15 years at least)”


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