Paranormal Activity 5 Title Announced

Blumhouse Productions and Paramount Pictures announced today the new titled for Paranormal Activity 5 will be “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”. For some reason, the phrase beating a dead horse comes to mind.

It has also been announced that the release date – which was originally set for October 24, 2014 – has been pushed back to March 13, 2015. Could this have something to do with the anticipated release of Paramount’s upcoming “Scouts vs. Zombies” changing its release date from March 13, 2015 to February 20, 2015?

“The Ghost Dimension” will be directed by Gregory Plotkin (this will be his directorial debut) and is based off a script written by Andrew Stark and Jason Pagathem. Stark and Pagathem are the team behind the script for “Project Almanac”, the 2014 sci-fi thriller.

Rumor has it that the focus of the 5th film will be on an all new family that has two younger daughters (sound familiar?). Some fans are wondering whether the “Forbidden Doors”, which appeared in “The Marked Ones” (the 4th film in the franchise) will make an appearance in “The Ghost Dimension”. But what I’m really wondering is if Hollywood is ever going to let this franchise finally die or will they continue milking this cash cow until there is nothing left?


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