Scream for Banshee Chapter

Banshee_Chapter_DVDOut on DVD & VOD 27th January 2014 Banshee Chapter is “jump-out-of-your-seat scary” (Little White Lies) horror shocker that’s ”highly entertaining” (SciFiNow) and premiered at FrightFest earlier this year..

From Executive Producer Zachary Quinto’s (Star Trek) ‘Before the Door’ pictures, who produced the Oscar-nominated ‘Margin Call’, comes a scare-fest that will terrify with its unique blend of fact, conspiracy and the paranormal. ‘Banshee Chapter’ is the deserved winner of Total Film’s ‘Scariest Movie Award’ at Film4 FrightFest and is “guaranteed to make you squeal like a newborn” (Time Out)!

Starring Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs), Katia Winter (Dexter, Sleepy Hollow) and Michael McMillian (True Blood), ‘Banshee Chapter’ focuses on a young journalist with an appetite for controversy, as she follows the trail of a strange government research chemical that might have caused the death of her close friend. The fact that it’s based on real documents, actual testimony, and evidence researched and uncovered from decades of a horrifying secret program run by the CIA makes it beyond creepy and an absolute must-see!



Check out #Banshee Chapter / / and the trailer below:


Alex Humphrey

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