Uncut version of The Shining to screen in New York

Our American friends across the pond do get it good sometimes.

If it’s not enough that a majority of the horror films that are produced are screened there first, they also get treated to super-big film conventions, festivals and events.
Now, New York residents (and visitors) will be able to see Stanley Kubrick’s legendary masterpiece, The Shining, in all it’s original glory.

Soon after the film’s original release in 1980 the decision was made by Warner Brothers to change the ending of the film based on the fact that the ending didn’t work.
The scene that was deleted shows Danny in hospital with his mother, being attended by Mr Ullman. He explains that Jack’s frozen body was never found and that there is definitely nothing weird about the hotel, especially no ghosts or naked hags in the bath.
This ending left a lot of questions unanswered and the audience during the first week or so of the release departed confused. As a result 4 minutes were trimmed off the end and we were left with the version that we know today.

the shining screening

Now, thanks to the Dryden Theatre in Rochester (NY) you’ll be able to watch the original cut and re-live the confusion that was experienced all those years ago. But, you’ll have to really want it. Tickets can’t be bought in advance, so if you’re in town you’ll need to queue from around 7pm on the night to stand a chance of getting in.

If you fancy your chances, the curtain rises for The Shining uncut at 8pm on October 22nd.


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