Quarantine 2 Zombies Hit London Cinema

Zombies crashed the special preview screening of Quaratine 2: Termainal last night, resulting in the area being sealed while a thorough decontamination was carried out.

5 unfortunate Love Horror competition winners were among those affected by the outbreak of what leading scientists believe to be a virus not too dissimilar to rabies.
It was decided that the best treatment for the infected would be to expose them to the previously unseen (in the UK) Quarantine 2 film in a hope that mass exposure to the virus on screen would reverse the effects.

Quarantine 2 terminal screening Quarantine 2 terminal film

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Quarantine 2: Terminal follows on from the first film, the day after the apartment block is sealed to contain the spread of the outbreak.
Something manages to escape and makes it onboard flight 318 and it doesn’t take long for the passengers to show the symptoms of infection.
Forced to land in an isolated terminal, the passengers are contained by the armed forces while some of their number transform into bloodthirsty killers. Will anyone escape alive?!

Zombie outbreak

As for the outbreak in London’s West End, it is uncertain whether there were any survivors, but we would urge any of our readers to write comments below if they know of the whereabouts of those who might be infected.

quarantine 2 terminal london Quarantine 2 terminal sleeve

Oh, and you can check out the trailer here:


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  • I was a competition winner and also infected 🙂 Had a great night…! Really enjoyed the buzz and the film as well 🙂 thanks guys!!

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  • Had great night,atmosphere was great n really enjoyed it 🙂

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  • Some seriously hot zombies there! 🙂

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